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Back to school

It is that time of year when the kids go back to school, students go back to college or university, and for some of us parents it also means that there is time to do something for ourselves again. With my son now four years old, I decided just that, and thought that it was about time that I did...


Eradicating the term, "The BHS way".

For years and years I have come across the same conversation when training students for BHS exams; "But why do we have to do it that way?" I reply, "Because its the 'BHS way'. You just have to do it for your exam to be ultra safe." "But I never do it that way at home." "I know, but if you want...


The Power of Mental Rehearsal

Do you compete your horse? Do you want to win? Or do you just want to improve your performance or simply enjoy competing more? My next question is what do you do automatically without thinking? It might be driving your car, riding a bike or even something as simple as writing your name. When...


Do you lack confidence or feel judged at your yard or stables?

We ran a post on Facebook recently advertising our Horse Health course. Our Horse Health course is aimed at both people who want to learn about horses, and horse owners, to fill in the gaps of their current knowledge and teach them about all aspects of keeping a horse in good health. Subjects...


BHS Certificates. Your questions answered

We often get asked questions about our BHS Certificates so I thought that I would clarify a few things for you all.. The British Horse Society The British Horse Society is an extremely well-respected equestrian organisation and their certificates are predominantly for those wanting to work...


Equine Distance Learning- how can we support you?

Well... what a week it has been! We have been working so hard over the past few months and weeks, and it is such a joy to finally offer our new website out to you guys last week; to offer you our new look, updated, and all singing and dancing courses, AND this week to offer you a FREE course! We...