I have spent the past few months studying rehabilitation and therapy as part of my Masters degree at Hartpury Assessment. It has been extremely interesting and very inspiring. We were lucky enough to watch horses on the high-speed treadmill (see the video below) and learn the benefits of using it. We had the opportunity of spending time with Liz Launder, an equine and human osteopath with a wealth of experience, and learnt about all sorts of therapies including electrotherapy, shockwave therapy and ultrasound. We also had the opportunity to learn from vet Mark Georgetti, who shared with us his process of evaluating lameness, including the use of Radiotherapy, scintigraphy, and the latest MRI and CT scanning technology. It was a fantastic week.

Hartpury have an amazing therapy centre than includes the treadmill, water treadmill, amongst many other facilities. The extensive experience that Kathryn Nankervis has and how she works with Liz Launder (Osteopath), the vet and farrier, all working together when they have horses in for rehabilitation, is amazing. For example, after a horse has had an overriding dorsal spinous processes operation (ORDSP or Kissing Spines), they have the facilities to work them in a straight line doing long slow work on a level surface with a controlled speed. They can also treat them onsite with electrotherapy or physiotherapy, and then can progress to the water treadmill that enables the horse to build up the back muscles required prior to being ridden. Obviously this is five star treatment for any horse lucky enough to recover there, but is a true honour to have had an insight into how all the professionals involved in the horse’s care communicate and work together.

I have had to fill my brain with so much information and remember so many research papers, but I have now thankfully completed my 3 hour exam and have serious brain ache! It is very useful for me to experience life as a student so that I can identify with all of you studying the various courses that Equine Distance Learning have to offer. But I also know the satisfaction of passing assignments and exams and how good that makes me feel! It is all worth it, I promise!

I wonder if any of you would be interested in a short course on equine therapy? Do let us know.