One of our most popular courses is our Equine Behaviour & Psychology course. All of our students on this course have given us very positive feedback and we love to hear about the difference the course has made to our student's relationship with their horses! So, we were delighted to receive an email from the latest course graduate, Grace Wallace, this week with the following testimonial:

"I have really enjoyed taking this course as it really does give you a more insightful understanding of your horses behaviours and helps you to see them in a light you may not have before. For me it has helped me to understand my horses’ quirks and combat any issues with a sympathetic and informed approach. In addition, my tutor has been very, very helpful in providing me contacts and reasoning behind behaviours that I may not thought of, as well as suggestions as to what I can look into further to ensure my horses are at their happiest and healthiest. I would really recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand your horse more, and it has also been really useful to help me prepare for my BHS exams- I can’t wait to do my next course!"

Our Equine Behaviour course is designed to provide you with knowledge, and an understanding of how your horse thinks, behaves, and responds to training; plus demonstrations and explanations to help you learn basic, but nevertheless valuable, ground handling skills. It is written by Viki Sheppard, a very experienced author, who has dedicated her life to understanding horses, and who on a daily basis, works with horses, both training them and dealing with specific behavioural issues.

Would you benefit from studying this course?

However experienced you are, you will take so much from this course, and you will gain an insight into horses that you never before thought possible.

  • Understand where their behaviour and instincts originate from.
  • Learn about how the feral horse behaves in his natural environment and how that impacts on the behaviour of a domestic horse.
  • Learn about the structure of the equine brain.
  • Understand your horses body language and learn to 'read' him
  • Discover how horses learn. Find out about habituation, positive and negative reinforcement (please note that this is the removal of a stimulus at the point of the behaviour change NOT creating a negative experience for the horse.)
  • Understanding behaviour. What do different behaviours mean?
  • Management - Are our horses exhibiting certain behaviours due to their environment?
  • Handling horses. Learn simple but unbelievably effective techniques to make your horse easier to handle on the ground. You will be amazed how this positively affects your entire relationship between you and your equine friend.

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